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Your Health-Care Team and Surgical Team at SFAH is comprised of experienced doctors, nurses, and client care representatives who are dedicated to the care and welfare of your pet.

Wellness Health-Care

Wellness examinations and immunizations are the key to good health care for your pet. It is far easier and safer to try and prevent health problems than it is to treat them after they occur. Your Health-Care Team at SFAH offers and recommends routine Well-Care visits, and the proper vaccinations to help ensure good health, and an active happy life for your pet.

Your Health-Care Team will provide your pet with the best care and attention you will find anywhere. Our individualized wellness care, immunization program, internal and external parasite prevention and control guidelines, along with life-stage management, will help you and your doctor provide the best health care for your pet.

As our pets pass through their life stages, from juvenile to adult to senior, their health care needs often change. With these changes, come the challenges of keeping our pets healthy and happy. Here at SFAH, we continually help you monitor your pet’s health, and provide the diagnostic, treatment, and prevention plans to help ensure your pet’s healthy journey through life.

At SFAH our recommendations for preventative health care, designed around your pet’s specific needs may consist of annual and/or semi annual check-ups. Dental care, annual blood screening, nutritional counseling, heartworm and tick borne disease screening, and behavioral mentoring. Your pet’s health and well being Is our foremost concern. Our Health-Care Team at SFAH is here for you and your pet whenever the need arises, or for those times when you just need a comforting hand.

Spaying / Neutering: What is it all about?

Spaying is a general term used to describe the ovariohysterectomy of a female animal. Neutering is a general term used to describe the castration of a male animal. However, neutering is often used in reference to both genders. The surgical procedure, performed by a veterinarian, renders the animal incapable of reproducing. Here are answers to some questions you may have about this beneficial procedure.

When can I have this procedure done?

Here at Salmon Falls Animal Hospital we recommend spaying/neutering at 5 to 6 months of age.

Why should I have my pet neutered?

Each year over 3 million cats and dogs are euthanized because there are just not enough homes for these pets. If you have your pet neutered or spayed you will be helping to reduce the number of homeless pets.

What are some of the health and behavioral benefits to neutering and spaying?

Medical Benefits for Neutering: Current research shows that removing the testicles of a dog at a young age completely eliminates all chances of testicular cancer. Furthermore, by removing the source of the male hormone (testosterone) from the body, we reduce the incidence of prostate disease and tumors involving the anal area and tail gland. As male dogs age, the prostate enlarges which can lead to constipation due to pressure on the colon, and bladder infections due to irritation from the prostate. We recommend that puppies be neutered at five to six months of age. If the puppy is to be shown or used for breeding, it should still be neutered at five or six years old.

Medical Benefits for Spaying: Current research shows that if you spay your dog prior to her first heat, at six months old, we can virtually eliminate breast cancer in her lifetime. If we spay her after her first heat, we can reduce her incidence of breast cancer by 92%. Breast tumors affect middle-aged to older dogs; they appear in benign and malignant forms. The benign form can be stationary in one or several breasts without changing for many years. Cancer cells from the malignant form, however, can move rapidly to the chest cavity where tumors can grow unnoticed in the lungs. There is no way to tell if a tumor is benign or malignant without surgically removing the mass and sending it to a pathologist for diagnosis. We strongly urge you to spay all non-breeding female dogs early to help prevent this form of cancer.

When a dog is spayed, a complete ovariohysterectomy (removal of ovaries and uterus) is performed. The benefit of the procedure is to stop the effects of the female hormones on the breasts and to eliminate all chances of ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, and uterine infections. Elderly female dogs are prone to uterine infections. Patients affected with uterine infections become weak, debilitated, and often toxic. Surgery must be performed at this stage to cure the problem and these patients are at an increased anesthetic risk. It is always advantageous to spay a dog prior to the onset of problems.

Behavioral Benefits for Neutering & Spaying: Spaying and neutering can help your cat or dog live longer, live healthier and be happier. An un-spayed female cat may exhibit constant crying and nervous pacing behavior associated with heat cycles. Female dogs in heat can be unsanitary in your home. An un-neutered male dog or cat may exhibit unwanted behaviors such as humping, urine marking and aggression. If you have a multiple pet household, your pets will generally be better behaved with each other.

Can’t I allow my purebred dog to have just one litter?

It’s not recommended. Purebred animals end up in shelters also. Your pet will be happier and healthier if she never sexually matures.

Doesn’t neutering alter an animal’s personality?

No. Personality changes that may result from neutering are for the better. Not being distracted by the instinctual need to find a mate helps your pet stop roaming and decreases aggressive tendencies.

Surgery and Treatment

No surgical procedure is routine. For your pet’s safety, our surgical suite is equipped with the latest veterinary monitoring equipment, and your pet is always, closely monitored by your pet’s Surgical Team. After your pet’s surgical procedure is completed, they will be transferred to our recovery and treatment ward where they will be monitored and cared for until they are fully recovered from anesthesia and are ready to be released to go home with you. Your pet’s Surgical Team will provide your pet an individualized anesthetic and pain management plan, to help aid in a full and speedy recovery.

Our doctors at SFAH are experienced in a wide variety of surgical procedures. In the event that a surgical procedure requires techniques beyond our expertise, we utilize the skills and experience of board certified surgeons to provide your pet with the absolute best care, both here in our hospital or at a local veterinary specialty hospital.

On occasion, your pet may require a stay at the hospital, either for just the day, or over night. Just as with our surgery patients, patients needing medical care and treatments receive the same quality care and supervision through out their stay. Your pet’s Health-Care Team take great steps to ensure your pet receives the proper care and treatment to help them to a full and speedy recovery.

As with our surgical patients, when your Health-Care Team deems the need for more specialized care and treatment, above and beyond their expertise, they will utilize the skills and experience of board certified doctors to provide your pet with the absolute best care, both here in our hospital or at a local veterinary specialty hospital.

Dental Care

Did you know that 70% – 85% of all pets, two years of age and older have some degree of dental disease? Dentistry is a critical component of your pet’s health care. Just as in people, bacteria from the mouth of pets with moderate to severe dental disease can seriously or permanently cause damage to the heart, kidneys, liver, and other organs leading to chronic or severe health issues.

Routine Dental Care is required to help maintain the overall health of your pet. A thorough oral examination can alert you to subtle, hidden, or serious disease conditions of your pet’s mouth, gums, and teeth. In most cases, pets are experiencing some level of discomfort or pain related to dental disease. No matter the level of dental care your pet may require, from routine cleanings and exams, to extractions and advanced treatments, your Health-Care Team can provide the dental care to help your pet be happy and healthy.
Laboratory and Imaging Diagnostics

At times, our pets become ill and need a thorough examination from your doctor. When an examination is not enough, your Health-Care Team has access to a wide variety of laboratory and imaging diagnostic services. Our in-hospital diagnostic services include full laboratory and radiology service. In the event that further diagnostics are required, we have direct access to certified veterinary laboratories, veterinary ultra-sound, endoscopy, computed tomography (CT), and MRI. In addition to these diagnostics procedures, SFAH consults with and utilizes the services of board certified veterinary specialists. We provide these services to help ensure the proper and successful diagnosis and treatment of your pet.

Parasite Control

Many parasites pose a zoonotic (diseases transmisable from animals to humans) threat to humans. These parasites are typically internal or external to your pet. A proper annual parasite screening, along with a proper parasite prevention program is an important part of your pet’s health care and the health care of your human family.

At SFAH we routinely screen for the presence of heartworm disease, tick borne diseases, and intestinal parasites. Your Health-Care Team will assist you in choosing the proper treatment and prevention plan for your pet.

Medicine Prescriptions

At SFAH we stock a wide variety of veterinary pharmaceuticals for your convenience. However, some medications, either because of cost, or rate of usage, we do not stock. Typically these medications can be prescribed through a general pharmacy. Although we are a veterinary hospital, we must still follow the legal rules and guidelines governing dispensingpharmacies. All, prescription refills must be authorized by a doctor, and patients must be up to date on examinations. We cannot prescribe any medication to a pet that has not been examined by a SFAH doctor.

Pain Management

Pain management of pets is another often overlooked are of pet health care. At SFAH we take special interest in pain management for your pet. From surgical to non-surgical medical conditions pain management must be an important treatment consideration to help achieve a complete and comfortable recovery. Studies have show, that without the proper management of pain, our pets can suffer needlessly and have less of a chance of full recovery from certain medical conditions.

Some medical conditions may require short-term or long-term pain management. Your Health-Care Team will take into consideration pain management as part of every surgical and treatment plan prescribed for your pet. Pain medications may be administered as part of an in-patient or out-patient treatment plan. Our goal at SFAH is to help keep your pet as comfortable and pain free as possible.

Prescription Diets & Foods

Many medical conditions can be treated with prescription veterinary diets. SFAH carries a variety of veterinary diets from Hill’s Science Diet and Purina Veterinary Diets. These foods are specifically blended for your pet, to treat a wide variety of medical conditions.

Your Health-Care Team will recommend a specific prescription diet for your pet as needed. Depending on your pet’s medical condition, prescription foods may be prescribed for long term or, short term treatment. Your Health-Care Team can also recommend a daily maintenance diet for your pet, which can also be purchased through the hospital.

Behavioral Consulting

Animal behavior plays a large roll in your pet’s well being. As veterinary professionals, we know that your pet has more needs than just seeing his/her veterinarian annually. Our pets also need to be in good mental and emotional health, to allow body and soul to blend with their environment. Having a well-rounded pet helps create a happy, healthy, and well adjusted family.

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