Head Veterinary Technician

A graduate of the Penn Foster Veterinary Technician program, Bree has worked at a variety of animal practices including day and emergency practice. She returns to Salmon Falls Animal Hospital after a two year hiatus, and we are ecstatic to have her rejoin our team. Her sidekick, Kyro, a magnificent Great Dane, is ever present. He exemplifies the term “gentle giant”. In her spare time, Bree enjoys hiking, visiting the beach, and in particular, off-roading. In January of 2020, Bree created the York County Jeepers, which has grown in such popularity (over 500 members) her weekends are often spent leading the group through varied trails. Bree also has her own paracord side interest, which has blossomed into a side business. Her most recent accomplishment is passing her certification in CPR and advanced life support.


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